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A unique opportunity!

It’s in New York, cultural and media capital of the world, that EFAP New York opened its door 30 years ago!

Groupe EDH has always placed a global vision at the core of its philosophy.

In 2000, it developed a partnership with the reputed American university, New York Institute of Technology, allowing students to address the cross-cultural needs of the 21st-century and study with more than 103 nationalities.

Tout étudiant intéressé par notre formation communication à New York peut partir pour un semestre ou une année scolaire, et cela durant la quasi-totalité de sa scolarité (2e, 3e, 4e ou 5e année).

EFAP NY has been providing an unparalleled opportunity for students who wish to spend a semester or a year in New York.
The rigorous curriculum at both undergraduate and graduate levels combines media theory and hands on experience while using the latest technologies.
It draws on the expertise of an engaged faculty of professionals tightly connected to the industry.

Students are encouraged to pursue an internship in the field of their choice taking full advantage of New York City’s strong business environment.
Hundreds of companies and agencies are within walking distance from our classrooms adding a strong value to their curriculum and valuable networking opportunities.

An on-site francophone team helps international students to overcome the challenges of studying and living abroad and puts a familiar face in a totally new environment.

Our urban campus located in the heart of Manhattan is a perfect launch pad for innovation, connectivity and a successful career in the communication industry.

Why EFAP New York?

  • Partnership with a top American University, New York Institute of Technology, allowing for a complete immersion.
  • Courses taught in English by nationally recognized professional faculty
  • A core curriculum that addresses the challenges of today’s global marketplace
  • Valuable knowledge by interning in companies representing all fields of communication
  • Opportunity to earn an American diploma recognized worldwide (BFA in Communication Arts and MA in Communication)
  • Hands on experience using the latest technologies in state-of-the-art facilities
  • Small classes, courses "à la carte", close interaction with faculty
  • An exceptional location in the heart of Manhattan, media capital of the world.
  • An active Alumni network to stay connected to the industry internationally
  • The support of an on-site Francophone team to assist you along the way

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