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International Programs (international students)

EFAP welcomes you !

International students are a real enrichment for the school, for the programs and for the extra-curricular activities. We are encouraging all university-level students to have this multi-cultural learning experience.

Whether you are French speaking or not, you will find the appropriate academic challenge combining classroom learning with real life case studies, meeting with leading professionals, working in teams, attending conferences, going on field trips, etc.

Non degree seeking (exchange semester or academic year)

Please download our pdf:

Non degree seeking (student abroad / visiting fee paying student during one semester)

Please download our pdf:

Semester programs (Fall, Spring or even a shorter program in the Summer) enable students from various nationalities to follow English- or French-taught curriculums validating 30 European credits (ects) per semester or 12 ects during the summer session. While it may not always be easy to take this step out of your home country and family for a semester or sometimes an entire academic year, EFAP's International Department is dedicated to make your transition as smooth as possible: you will receive complete, detailed information and advice about your everyday life before your trip and we will help you find a housing solution, health insurance, etc.

Degree seeking / fee paying

Séminaire ou programme « à la carte »

Vous êtes enseignants et envisagez de venir à Paris / NY avec un groupe d'étudiants ?

Contactez-nous pour un séminaire ou un programme court, sur-mesure, à la carte, adapté à vos besoins de 1 à 4 semaines :

Tout savoir sur notre formation internationale

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