Key features

  • Designed by EFAP and ESSCA professionals for professionals, our double degree offers a response to the increasing demand from luxury companies for managers capable of adapting to the most recent international changes in communication and marketing.
  • Key expertise in digital communications: Our participants acquire high-level knowledge in the most up-to-date digital strategies and tools, which are crucial nowadays for luxury companies.
  • An international perspective: 100% of lectures in English and a systematically global and multicultural approach to strategic issues in marketing and communication in the luxury market, with a focus on Chinese culture.
  • A multi-sector approach: Fashion, perfume, cosmetics, hospitality and tourism, leisure, jewelry and watches, cars and luxury services etc. The program is designed to make graduates immediately employable in all sectors of the luxury market.
  • A strong cultural dimension: Offers artistic culture content capable of creating genuine differentiation at a time when the convergence between art and luxury goods is becoming strategically important.
  • The right balance between theory and practice: Our double degree combines stringent academic requirements with field-based experience. With this objective, the program benefits from an EFAP and ESSCA teaching staff offering strong expertise in the field of luxury goods and all fields of marketing and communication.
  • Immersive teaching: From the very start of the course, our participants are immersed in a business-based environment, working on case studies in partnership with luxury goods firms. This principle of high participant engagement is designed to improve their employability and enhance the operational angle of their education.
  • The teaching team is composed of industry experts and consultants in Paris and Shanghai, academics researching on the creative industries in EU and Asian markets, and keynote speakers, invited to give their insights on conferences.

An association with a major actor : ESSCA

  • A permanent team is resident on the campus to assist students and put them in the best dispositions from the beginning (accommodation, daily life, food, healthcare, etc.).
  • The network that has been gradually built over ten years offers the chance of successfully completing the right administrative and legal procedures for work placements and meetings with Chinese decision makers.


  • 110 years of experience
  • International culture
  • 12 years in Shanghai
  • 4,000 students and lecture attendees from companies
  • 132 tenured lecturers
  • 370 lecturing and teaching staff and international experts
  • 2,500 partner firms
  • 14,000 alumni across the world

Internationally distinguished :

EFAP Luxury MBA - Professional Partnership

Tous les MBA Spécialisés

MBA Digital Marketing & Business - École de Communication EFAP

Digital Marketing & Business

Paris Full-Time et Part-Time - Bordeaux - Lille - Lyon - Shanghai - Montpellier

Devenez acteur de la révolution numérique du commerce global.

MBA Luxury Communication & Strategies - École de Communication EFAP

Luxury Communication & Strategies

Paris Full-Time et Part-Time - New York - Shanghai

Les enjeux de la communication et les nouvelles stratégies dans le secteur du luxe

MBA Communication & Management Événementiel - École de Communication EFAP

Communication & Management Événementiel

Paris - Bordeaux - Lille - Lyon

Devenez un manager complet pour une communication stratégique, riche de sens.

MBA Communication Publique & Influence - École de Communication EFAP

Communication Publique & Influence

Paris - Bordeaux - Lille - Lyon

Apprenez les métiers de la Communication publique et politique, découvrez le monde de l'influence.

MBA Communication & Marketing Stratégique - École de Communication EFAP

Communication & Marketing Stratégique

Paris - Lille - Lyon

Devenez un manager complet en vous appuyant sur une double compétence Communication et Marketing.

MBA Advertising & Creativity - École de Communication EFAP

Advertising & Creativity

Paris - Bordeaux

Devenez un créatif, porteur de sens et d'idées, maîtrisant les dynamiques d'un univers publicitaire en révolution.

MBA Communication & Santé - École de Communication EFAP

Communication & Santé


De l'industrie pharmaceutique et agroalimentaire à l'univers du bien-être, du sport ou de la cosmétologie, apprenez les très nombreux métiers de la communication santé

MBA Communication & Production Audiovisuelle - École de Communication EFAP

Communication & Production Audiovisuelle


Devenez de futurs chefs de production audiovisuelle agiles, connectés et multi-supports au cœur de nombreux univers culturels et professionnels.

MBA Communication & Marketing des Vins et Spiritueux - École de Communication EFAP

Communication & Marketing des Vins et Spiritueux


Une formation unique et exclusive, répondant aux nouveaux besoins en communication d'un secteur porteur et en mutation : les vins et spiritueux.

MBA Communication & Relations Médias - École de Communication EFAP

Communication & Relations Médias


Intégrez une formation pour maîtriser sa stratégie de communication et réinventer les relations médias.

MBA Sport Business & Communication - École de Communication EFAP

Sport Business & Communication


Devenez des professionnels de la communication dans le secteur du Sport

MBA Master in Communication - École de Communication EFAP

Master in Communication

New York

Double Diplôme en partenariat avec le New York Institute of Technology.

Discover the new challenges of communication in Media Management, PR and advertising.

MBA Ingénierie Culturelle & Management - École de Communication EFAP

Ingénierie Culturelle & Management

Paris - Bordeaux - Lyon

En partenariat avec l'ICART

Devenez concepteur, manager, producteur de la Culture.

MBA Marché International de l'Art - École de Communication EFAP

Marché International de l'Art


En partenariat avec l'ICART

Devenez acteur de l'art mondialisé et rejoignez un secteur professionnel en pleine expansion !

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