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Wine Management

Number of hours: 24 classroom hours
Language of instruction: English

Course aim

  • Communicate around the speciality of the region
  • Develop social media strategies linked to the wine & food sector
  • Expand knowledge of international management in luxury brands

Course content

During the week in Bordeaux, students will participate in 4 short courses:

  1. Wine blogging seminar: Students will learn how to use blogging as a marketing and influence tool in the wine industry as well as social media strategies to promote and develop these blogs across different platforms.
  2. Social media strategy in the spirits and wine industries: Students will learn how wine and spirits companies use the power of social media to communicate their brand values to target audiences. They will also understand the restrictions in communicating alcohol related messages via social media. 
  3. Wine and communication: The idea of this course is for students to understand how marketing and communication influence consumer behavior, create purchase patterns, and how wine brands craft a successful international marketing strategy to expand their global reach. 
  4. International management in luxury brands: The objective of this course is to help students to develop management skills to navigate in an international environment or to manage an international project.