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The influential role of communication in the luxury market has substantially intensified, new communication specializations and practices have gradually emerged alongside more traditional and emblematic ones. The Specialized MBA in Luxury Communication and Strategies is the first academic program dedicated to the luxury market from a communication perspective with a global and multicultural approach to strategic challenges.

Starting in September 2016 in partnership with ESSCA, our program will open in Shanghai, the world’s largest market for luxury goods and services. Established in 1909, ESSCA is one of the best French business schools, benefitting from the highest international academic recognition.

ESSCA Business School - EFAP MBA Partner

Shanghai is a global economic and financial hub, this cosmopolitan metropolis attracts more and more international luxury brands which are making special efforts and implementing new tactics to enhance their products’ visibility in China.

According to McKinsey, after the visit of wealthy Chinese tourists to Europe and the acquisition of luxury firms by the Chinese, the new challenge of the “Empire du Milieu” is to establish top-end Chinese brands such as Shang Xia in Europe.

Our Specialized MBA in Luxury Communication and Strategies aims to cover all of the communication and strategy-related topics in the luxury sector in Europe and South-East Asia.

Whilst mainstream media continue to play an important role, sponsorship and new luxury marketing tactics have developed considerably. Furthermore, special events management has become an essential factor in communication. Faced with digital and new tech-driven change, the luxury market is obliged to invent brand new strategies in the field of digital, Internet of Things and experiential merchandising. This has facilitated the emergence of new job positions and professionals truly capable of dealing with these major shifts.

Whilst adopting a broad approach to the luxury market, the Specialized MBA in Luxury Communication and Strategies opens up opportunities in a wide range of business sectors, preparing participants to be able to operate in all luxury goods and services areas from fashion and perfume to cosmetics, from gourmet food to the hotel and tourist industry, or from the art market to fine jewelry, both in Europe and in South-East Asia.

Antoine EL HAGE
Director, Specialized MBA
in Luxury Communication and Strategies

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